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Director of Business Development

Mr. Roth joined Rosenwasser / Grossman Consulting Engineers, P.C. in 2014. As the Director of Business Development Sam has contributed to the expansion of RGCE’s client base and public agency program. He is a seasoned engineering project and program manager. Sam has been able to apply the RGCE culture and experiences to public clients without allowing any new non-technical requirements to impede creativity or time to an optimized solution. Prior to his work at RGCE, Sam has had an eclectic construction and engineering career. As a ten-year Air Force veteran Sam started his engineering career in the Civil Engineering Squadron. He was tasked with the supervision of a base underground storage tank project, automation efforts of a sewer wastewater treatment plant, office construction projects, and other projects. After the Air Force, Sam worked as a scheduler, estimator and project manager for several Concrete and General Contractors. Thereafter, he refocused on engineering as a program manager at an elevator consulting company. He then moved into Project Management positions in mechanical engineering at George Langer and Associates and Lehr Consultants International.

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